Grogan Associates - Owner condo unit

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Today is 1-30 -13 no hot or cold water no notice that are work would be nice if they like us know? Also my experience dealing with this organization has been a nightmare John grogan in my opinion cannot have a civizled conversation without yelling , in my opinion they are not taking the building properlyI believe other unit owners are intimated by them as they tried to do to me there 23 units 7 have in two years others are trying to sell there are major leaks thought out building rodents in the basement and many other problems in the building

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Grogan Associates Davidson, NC - Slime Balls

Highland, New York 1 comment

The objective is money.The people are slimey.

The company is 75% big talking management to create a facade but don't know *** about the product. The work is slammed on "the little people" (holder of architecture degrees) who are stuck in a bad economy. They are treated like factory workers because labor laws only protect the real factory workers. They rarely pay on time and are scummy enough to slice bits of time like waiting 15 minutes to register for a rental car.

Time and a half for overtime for physical work then driving 40 hours in a week like a truck driver, only after bank hours? NO! You get half time... This management is the most unethical piece of work I could have imagined and it exists.

Slime Balls of Davidson, NC. They steal money from businesses for useless services and barely pay for the workers to do so.

They hide behind the facade of charities when they don't give as much effort to their own employees.BAD BUSINESS!

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Couldn't agree more.This is hands down the worst place to work.

Nearly all of us are trying to find new jobs and have seen people just up and quit. They constantly tow the line on morality and legality. They know the economy sucks and treat full and temporary employees as such.

The management is unbelievably ignorant about their business as well as how to treat people.Anyone who sees their "job" postings should stay away, you will regret it.

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